Monday, September 27, 2010


I don't think I have ever enjoyed a photo session as much as this one! This family attends the same church that we do. All of these children belong to them, all 17 of them, (and yes, she delivered every one!)
Like me, they probably remind you of a popular family right now from the show 19 Kids and Counting. I just had to ask them - "Do you watch the show?". Their answer - "No - we don't have a TV". I should have known that - just like the Duggar family. What an inspiring family! And yes, they are homeschooled. I just happened to have my regular scheduled client cancel for this weekend - and this weekend was the last time the Loftus family (all 19 Lofti) will all be together for quite a while. One of their older sons and his wife are moving out of state as he is joining the Air Force, he was also our youth group intern leader for the summer at church. Their oldest married son is just about to finish up at medical school, and then has plans for the mission field. So - there are technically "19" kids including the two young ladies who have joined the family by marriage.
Their kids are absolutely beautiful - inside and out!
I just had to line them up by birth order....
Did I mention they know how to have fun?
Cause they definitely do!!
Next to oldest boy and youngest boy....
Oldest girl and youngest girl....
Thanks for such a FUN evening Loftus family - I was honored to capture such special memories for you! And now that I have a picture to study - I think I finally know all the names now!
Incredible cuteness!


Erin Gaeng said...

What an absolutely beautiful family- and what beautiful pictures!

Erin Patricia said...

oh my!!! this is amazing. these kinds of families are my inspiration. i find their boldness and confindence to live this way in such a wild world just beautiful! thanks for sharing.

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Gorgeous pictures! Wish you lived in the area so you could do our family! Thanks so much for linking up!

Have a blessed day building up your sacred home!

Sharon Cohen said...

I'm dropping in from the "blog hop" (The Proverbs 31 Work at Home Woman) and I am impressed. Your sense of composition is remarkable. I love every shot because of the playfulness you've called for. What a wonderful way to capture a family.

AurieGood said...

I stopped in from the Proverbs 31 blog hop and love your work :) The expressions you capture are priceless!