Thursday, September 16, 2010




Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Beautiful photography! If you'd ever like to showcase your work, I'd be happy to advertise for you!

Thanks for stopping by The Homeschool Corner!

Have a blessed day building up your home!

Many blessings...

Erin Patricia said...

oh my word these are just beautiful!!!

Judy said...

Your photography is absolutely beautiful! I'm a visitor from other blogs I checking out today. Keep up the great work. Feel free to visit my new devotional writing blog. I, too, love photography and am teaching myself, although I'm no where near your level of skill. Take care, and soon I'll be visiting again!

Thank you,

This N That Photography said...

These are great- what a sweet baby! :0)

Erin Gaeng said...

The bany in the basket with the flowers is just precious....Love it Heather! Great Job!