About the Photographer

The year was 1995, and I had just given birth to my first born daughter.  I was caught in a moment of wanting to freeze time as I memorized every tiny detail of her little body.  Her tiny toes, her tiny fingers, her downy hair, her little wrinkles, even her little peeling feet.  As the days, months, and years went by, I found myself wanting to make time stand still and capture every tiny detail of her life.  This is where my love for photography began. 

Approximately ten years later, our third baby girl joined her two big sisters, just about the time that the digital DSLR started to appear on the market.   I bought a Canon 40D and a 50 mm 1.4 lens and decided that I was going to learn everything there was to know about photography, and three little girls in the house made perfect little subjects for the never-ending task of perfecting of my craft!    This is where Timeless and Treasured Photography began, and six years later it’s still going strong.

  I am completely self taught and continue to passionately pursue new and different photography techniques.  I have so many wonderful clients who I now call friends.  I absolutely love my job, it is my passion and I could not imagine doing anything else.   I now shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II and my go-to lens is my 24-70L.

Along with photography, I have a passion for classical christian education and can also be found substitute teaching at our local school.  I love children – teaching them, or capturing their personalities on film!