Thursday, September 10, 2015


Gabby is one of those people you meet and you wish you could be just like her.  What a beautiful soul she is!  She is a high school senior this year and what a rare thing of beauty she is - inside and out!  During our photo session, everywhere we went she could spot the most beautiful tiny parts of God's creation - it was amazing! Flowers, bugs, bird eggs - it's like she has a connection to all things beautiful.

 She has a special love for her pet guinea pigs! 
 She was born in Costa Rica and has such an "island girl" way about her.   I can feel her pain when it comes to now living "up north".  I'm from Florida, which is nothing compared to moving here from Costa Rica!  We had a common bond over being misplaced from our native warm habitats. :) 

I just adored seeing the sweet relationship she had with both of her parents! 

 It was great meeting you and getting to know you Gabby! 

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