Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Newton Family

 This is always one of my favorite families to photograph! I have been capturing memories for them for several years now - twins and a big brother - they are always so much fun! 

 I love the look on little brothers face when he realized mom and dad were kissing! ha! 

I love capturing every little part of childhood - even when little girls are feeling shy and not really into having their picture taken.

 This image above has become one of my all time favorites! I hope momma gets a big canvas of it for her walls! 

 A little trick to get all kiddos looking directly at the camera - I tell them if they give a beautiful smile, then they might catch a tiny glimpse of (insert favorite character here) inside my lens!! Works every time! 
 30 tiny toes :) 

 We had the MOST beautiful sunset that evening - it was great seeing you again Newton family! 

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