Sunday, January 19, 2014

Baby Gabriella

 Say hello to little Miss Gabriella! She is only nine days new here.  Tiny little snow princess. 

She was born just before Thanksgiving, but right when the cold weather was starting to settle in.  I was inspired to do a Thanksgiving type theme for her family - since they certainly had a harvest of blessing this year!  But I also wanted to do something "wintery". 
 I just can't even get over the tiny ice skates.........  

 I absolutely LOVE this cranberry wreath baby! :) 
 Little Gabriella was a dream to work with - she slept like a champ once she finally gave in. 

 Check out the teeny tiny slippers!!!???

I was inspired when I saw something similar to this but I put my own spin on it.  This sweet babe is being held by both her mother's hands and her grandmother's hands, so sweet and beautiful. 

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