Thursday, August 8, 2013

{Click} for Kids - Photography Workshop

A few weeks ago I held my first ever workshop for KIDS - and I LOVED it!  I love kids, I love teaching and I love photography - it was GREAT! 
 It was an all girls group this time - no surprise there! I had the fabulous Madison Webb of Madison Webb Photography  help me out for the day.  Most of these pictures are courtesy of her fabulous-ness! 

 There were plenty of hands-on opportunities to practice what the girls were learning as we went through the day. 

 The one thing I learned from this workshop is that apparently I talk with my hands.  My hands are crazy in every picture - HA! 

Can I tell you how happy this makes me!?? I LOVE that these girls have the same passion I do and I can share it with them.  Since all my other apprentices (ahem, Kirsten and Madison) have graduated and are moving off to college, I'm looking for some fresh faces to help me along when I need an assistant, and someone else I can help mentor.  So excited for this group of girls. 

 Allow me to introduce to you, Greg.  Greg the Egg that is.  Named by his new photographer friends. 
 He was so willing to be our subject to teach the girls all about lighting, shadows and angles. 
Any guesses what I am teaching them in the above picture? 

 Haha - can you tell which one belongs to me? Whatever it takes to get the shot.... whatever it takes. Which reminds me of THIS COMMERCIAL for Canon  - I can so relate to it. 

 A little bit of role reversal... :) 

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Eduard Kooij said...

Nice pictures .. Children grow quickly so it’s natural to want to capture photographs of them regularly. If you are lucky enough to be allowed to attend one of their classes or school lessons to capture some candid photos, use a telephoto lens and keep out of the way. Zoom in and choose a shallow depth of field so other children are blurred out (f/4 or lower) and don’t be afraid to use a quick burst of flash to keep the face well lit, especially if the classroom is dark.

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