Friday, March 1, 2013

Sarah Jane

  This was my third session with sweet Sarah Jane and she is always a delight! Not only is she one of the cutest babies ever - she is just always SOO happy!

 I just love her little leg warmers - every time I see her she has a pair of these on (and I get to see her a lot!) So I knew I wanted to capture her cute little leg warmer days for her mommy and daddy to remember.  

 She didn't mind playing along with her Mommy and I in our little lemonade stand set up.  This reminds me of the saying When life hands you lemons - make lemonade! 

 This sweet baby has quite a story - her young Mommy has already beaten cancer twice now!  She truly is a precious miracle.

 I just LOVE her little rosy cheeks. 

Doesn't she have the most amazing eyes ever? I always get asked "what did you do to her eyes?", and my answer is always, "I didn't do a thing, God did that".  I never ever retouch any eyes - I simply capture God's beautiful creation! 

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