Saturday, November 13, 2010

The McCartin Family

I had a great time photographing these three sisters and all their children ~ they reminded me SOOO much of me and my sisters!  They live way out in the country, so it was great to have some new scenery to photograph!  They had so many great images, it was hard to choose just a few here for the blog.... so here's a bunch!

This little baby was just so sweet and good!


Michele said...

Heather, these look amazing! I can't wait to see all the proofs! You capture the sweet personality of each and every person you photograph. God surely has given you great talent and you are putting it to great use! Thanks so much for your time! Truly breathtaking!

Alice said...

these are wonderful, too, heather! the shot with the kids sitting in the street looks like the back road to ocala from melrose. i think the cross road as 1469 or something like that :). i love his little overalls. i know the family just loved everyone of these.