Monday, November 1, 2010


This precious baby boy was freshly adopted last week!!  Knox - isn't that the coolest name ever?

He is so blessed to be welcomed into such an incredible family - his parents couldn't love him any more!

His parents have founded Grafted Families  - A ministry to orphans, foster families, adoptive families, and those exploring fostering and adoption.

He is so perfectly perfect - look at those precious lips!  He is so loved in this family for exactly who he is - accepted wholely and fully in the perfect way God created him.

This family is a blessing to so many people, including us!  His Mommy was my Punkin's teacher in 6th grade, and a tutor for Banana a few years ago, and is currently Banana's writing and literature teacher at homeschool co-op.   His Daddy is heading up our youth group at church right now.  What a family!!

And the most perfect big brother - made especially for Knox!! (Yes - he is adopted too - just like his Daddy!)

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